Our Fairview Family

Itís a Family Affair! Our daughters, Laura and Julie, and all of the Grandchildren help out and enjoy visiting the puppies. We have been Dog Breeders for 30 years, starting out with the Australian Shepherds. Laura and Julie showed them in the 4-H Dog program at our County Fair and went on to the State Fair, winning Purple Ribbons there. Jordan and Emma have shown their dogs in the 4-H program, they have gone to State and Purpled there, we are very proud of them. Jordan has moved on to raising a few Red Angus cattle and Hatching Bantam Chickens, Emma loves to help Gramps with the Sheep and the Horses.
Darrel & Jeanne
Laura, John, Addison & Macee
Julie, Darin, Jordan, Emma & Chelsea (Not Pictured)
Here they are checking out the cattle!
Jordan, Addison & Macee
Emma and "Power"

We are reputable dog breeders for over 1/4 century.  We promote the humane care of all our dogs.  The socialization of every dog in our care is of the utmost importance from the tiny newborn to the retired momma's.  If a good home is found for them they are placed there to live out their lives, if not they enjoy our company, companionship of their dog friends or a walk down our country lane. 

If you are considering the addition of a puppy or dog in your lives, consider the fact it will be a long term commitment, dogs can live 10 - 15 years and sometimes longer.  Veterinary charges are part of responsible ownership as well as the cost of dog food.  We highly recommend feeding the NuVet Vitamin for the life of your dog and we will reward YOU with a lifetime Health Guarantee for your puppy or dog for doing so.  In situations of crisis, we have taken our puppies or dogs back home to Fairview to care for them until their owner is able to take them back or if they are unable to do so, we will find a new home for them. 

We support the idea that every dog can be man's best friend and we need to be every dog's best friend in return.  There are many dogs in need of homes in today's economy, check out the shelter's in you area and you may find just the right one.  However if a puppy from us catches your eye, give us a call for a personal interview and personality details about the puppy you are interested in. 

We invite you here to pick up your puppy, if it is possible for you to do so.  We enjoy meeting and visiting with the new owners.  If you cannot visit us, we can arrange to have your puppy flown to you (or nearest major airport). 


About the puppies we raise!

 Australian Shepherds have had their place at Fairview for 36 years now, we enjoy them very much, but an Aussie does require close contact with their owner.  They do not do well if left alone for long days at work. 

Texas Heelers- A Texas Heeler is the cross between an Australian Shepherd and an Australian Cattle Dog, (aka the Blue Heeler).  We have 2 very intelligent Blue Heelers, one Male and one Female that have proven themselves to work.  They have gone to the Stockyards and were the cattle's worst Nightmare!!  They are the most devoted companion that we have ever come across, and they are our shadows wherever we go.  We have crossed them with our Blue Merle Aussie Male, Cowboy and Blue Merle Mini Aussie Female.  If you are interested in a working puppy, or just a really great companion, give us a call or e-mail.

Thank you for taking the time to research Fairview Kennels and considering a puppy from us.  Our customer satisfaction is very important to us, but more important than that is a happy, loving home for one of our puppies. 

Jeanne Mogck

605-665-4635 (HM)  605-660-3547 (Cell)


  Last revised: February 24, 2013