1.  What kind of shots will my puppy receive prior to bringing him/her home?

A.  We set up the shot record for each litter the day they are born.  Their dew claws and tails are removed at 3 days old.  They receive Pryan 50 (oral wormer) every 2 weeks until they leave here.  At 4 weeks they get Neopar (straight Parvo vaccine) and at 6 and 10 weeks they get a Vanguard Plus 5 (combination vaccine).  Most puppies ship from 10-12 weeks of age.  If for some reason a puppy is here longer, they will receive the Vanguard Plus 5 again at 14 weeks. 

2.  Is flying a puppy safe and what does it all entail?

A.  It is perfectly safe.  The puppies do very well and the airline takes good care of them.  We put shredded paper in the kennel to keep them dry and comfortable.  We freeze water in their bowl and put food in right before we send them.  We do not put any toys or chews in for them, we don't want them to swallow something wrong and choke.  They usually leave on the early morning flights and arrive to their destinations anytime that same afternoon or early evening.  They are put in a special compartment in the belly of the plane that is pressurized and temperature controlled.  Do keep in mind that shipping in the dead of summer and the winter months can be difficult at times.  Regulations require the temps to be above 10 F and below 85 F at each stop during their flight, and at their final destination.  The cost of shipping a puppy depends on the size of the kennel and the total weight.  Our medium 26x17x18 kennel  will average around $225.00 and if they need our large 28x21x22 kennel, it can get up to $275.00.  These are average prices, they go by the weight of the puppy and kennel, it can be more or less of these prices.

3.  Can I get updated Pictures of a Puppy?

A.  We try to take pictures as often as time allows us.  When we do updates of pictures, we like to do all of the puppies at one time and it is an all day project (sometimes a 2 day one).  If you request a new picture of a potential puppy, I will try my hardest to get it done as soon as possible.  We love selling our puppies to companion homes.  Occasionally we have buyers that want a show/breed quality puppy.  We have a pretty good idea of what might make a show/breed quality puppy.  We will try our hardest to find that perfect one for you. 


4.  What happens if I don't want the puppy/dog I purchased anymore?

A.  Fairview Kennels does not offer refunds if a buyer changes his or her mind after paying for a puppy partially or in full.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine if he or she can afford the puppy prior to purchase.  It is also the responsibility of the buyer to determine if he or she wants this puppy prior to purchase. 

Once payment is received (whether a deposit or full payment), the buyer enters an agreement with Fairview Kennels to purchase and take possession of the puppy.  If the agreement is broken by the buyer, any payments made belong to Fairview Kennels.

In some circumstances, we may offer partial or full refunds for other reasons.






 Last revised: February 24, 2013